Bespoke outsourcing:

Fast, flexible and affordable

A new approach in an uncertain world

Sound familiar?

  • Time to fill vacancies, on-board and train sales people taking too long.
  • Commercial opportunities being missed.
  • Sales performance suffering.
  • Existing teams and people buckling under the strain of covering for vacant territories.
  • The pressure to find, keep and develop a talent pipeline intensifying.

Benefits of outsourcing



  • Managing launch planning uncertainties.
  • Market access, market intelligence and market mapping.
  • Establishing a UK presence and infrastructure from scratch.
  • Moving away from a distributor partnership model.
  • Piloting new initiatives.
  • Managing significant commercial risk.
  • Planning for Loss of Exclusivity.
  • Reinvigorating heritage brands.
  • Innovative deal structure – risk, reward, and performance incentivisation.

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  • Total flexibility – sales growth is rarely a linear and predictable process, so deploying a flexible team can help manage the uncertainties of expansion and contraction.
  • More time focused on what matters most – less time filling vacant territories and more time on selling.
  • Expert project management – takes the hassle of employer responsibilities away from Managers, leaving them free to focus on driving performance.
  • Unrivalled recruitment competency – a network of regionally based consultants with an average tenure of more than 10 years.
  • Managing long term vacancies – sickness, maternity, secondments, and promotions.

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  • Minimised indirect costs – the true cost of in-house sales force support is frequently underestimated – training, recruitment, technology provision, fleet and admin.
  • CHASE has the experience to handle these matters, leaving you to focus on your business priorities.
  • Predictability in an uncertain world – in an ever-changing volatile environment being able to tie down fixed costs for a 12-24 month period is a real benefit.
  • Costs of leaving vacancies unfilled – leading to a drain on sales and profitability.

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“Very impressed with the speed and quality of the CHASE recruits. There is a great cultural fit between our 2 companies.”

Business Unit Head
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Common myth debunked

“Outsourcing is very expensive and costs a lot more than employing directly”

Most resourcing costs are the same – headcount or outsourced.

  • Direct salary and benefits costs (base salary, NI, pension, apprenticeship levy, private medical insurance, personal accident and sickness).
  • Other employment costs (car, car insurance, business fuel, smartphone, laptop and software, employee assistance).
  • Management costs (payroll, finance, expenses, fleet, HR, legal, training, governance).
  • Recruitment costs.

It is hard to specifically allocate out actual costs and notoriously difficult to estimate the true cost of employing and recruiting.

The opportunity cost for unfilled vacancies is huge, as is the cost of training and on-boarding.

Outsourcing scenarios: Fast, flexible and affordable…


Fully integrated, embedded resource working within client teams.


Specific responsibility for a launch, new indication or existing portfolio.


Specialist roles – nurses, pharmacists,clinical specialists, MSLs, etc.


Distinct Primary and Secondary Care account responsibilities.


Hot spot team concentrating on specific regions.


Specific customer specialty responsibilities within an account.


Dedicated stand-alone team.


Bespoke team of early talent from our Graduate Academy.

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Common myth debunked

“The quality of outsourced teams is not as high as a headcount team”

Our recruitment processes are applied equally across both permanent and outsourced teams.

We draw from exactly the same database – the CHASE brand is very strong, therefore we attract a very high calibre of candidate.

Our salary and benefits package is extremely competitive.

Many of our outsourced people are taken onto client headcount at the end of their assignments.

CHASE is a multi-award-winning supplier of outsourced people as recognised by Industry organisations.